Engagement Session


The primary goal of the engagement session is to capture you as a couple. It’s designed to be fun, light-hearted and intimate. I want to document your chemistry and show your bond before you celebrate your big day.

So…. keep these things in mind:

  • Relax…… yes, I know the first few moments in-front of the camera are a little daunting, but just remember it’s about relaxing and focusing on each other and the connection to your best friend in that very moment.
  • Be yourself
  • Dress comfortably. I don’t mean sweats and joggers. Smart casual, no matchy matchy.
  • Two outfits each at a maximum (optional combos). Girls, go for smart casual and one more feminine option as an idea. Boys, collared shirts are always a winner.
  • Shoes. Heels look amazing in photos girls so don’t be afraid to bring a pair along for your costume change. Boots are also a great option. If the location is right I love a classy flat.
  • Bring things that are meaningful to you as individuals. If you’re a reader, bring a book. If you have a favourite vintage car, bring that too.
  • Bring something that’s meaningful to you as a couple. Do you have a beloved pooch? Im happy to make anything work.

And last but not least…. come and have some fun!

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