Wedding Session

The BIG DAY is upon you both so remember these simple things

  • Remember to be in the moment. It’s a day you have been planning for like no other to date, so remember to take time throughout the day to soak it all in! It goes past way too quick so soak it all in and enjoy every moment.
  • I love a bride and groom who know what they want so if there are certain shots you want taken, please feel free to send me a sample, or list of what you’re thinking and I’ll be sure to capture them.
  • Trust Me! I’ve prepared for your day and want you to know that my heart and mind will be focused on you, so no need to worry.
  • DONT STRESS! If things are not to schedule and the timeline is blown out, we will be flexible and work with what we have.
  • For the groom, tell your boys to bring their swagger and some light-hearted jokes to the room where you are getting ready. I’m sure a couple of your favourite beers to share together beforehand will make it feel personal and special. No chaos please.
  • EAT! Sooo important. No fainting brides please, we need you for your pictures! Your dress will fit, you will look amazing so please remember to look after yourself.
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